Raw Vegan Energy Balls Three Ways

Energy Balls come in different colours and flavours, they look amazing and are some of the easiest and quickest sweet treats you can prepare at home. The raw vegan varieties I

Raw Mango, Avocado & Cucumber Salad

There are no coincidences and everything happens for a reason 🙂 After a mild and sunny January morning my thoughts started revolving around spring and summer, sparking a desire for

Chia Breakfast with papaya, persimmon and pomegranate

Chia seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family that’s native to Mexico and Guatemala. Despite their tiny size, they are among the most nutritious foods on the

Raw Vegan Lasagna

This is my veggie take on an old Italian classic and a dish that everyone is familiar with: Lasagna. Lasagna, also spelled Lasagne, is a family favourite and a true crowd pleaser.