7 days Raw Vegan Detox Plan

  Since following a plant based diet and having discovered the magic world of raw foods I find myself more curious and excited each and every day. Eating raw means

Raw Caramel Bites with Sea Salt (gluten-free, sugar-free)

It’s been a wonderful year 2015, full of achievements and unforgettable memories for the Vegi Tales project. I am very grateful to have met such inspiring people and being able

Raw Almond “Tostada” with Avocado

Raw and unsalted almonds are a tasty and nutritious snack packed with plenty of health benefits. Full of  minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium), vitamin E, proteins and fibre. Almonds can be consumed as

Raw Vegan Pizza with Veggie Crust

I would like to thank “Raw Food Magazine” from the heart for featuring my very first Raw Pizza recipe from a couple of years ago in their November 2016 issue.

Green Power Smoothie

When it comes to green smoothies my mind goes straight to Victoria Boudenko and the Raw Family, which discovered the great combination of leafy greens and fruits – both essential