Vegi Tales Philosophy

At least three times a day we make a life changing decision, and it starts right on our plate. We have a couple of choices:

We can continue to consume foods containing preservatives, chemicals, synthetic oils, processed foods, sugary foods, junk foods, soda, candy and all the things that have contributed to a dramatic increase of diseases related to diet and wellness across all spectrums of society…

OR we can take another approach and eat foods that promote wellness, not only for our health, but also for our environment.

Choosing a healthy diet is not about losing any of our preferred tastes and aromas – quite the opposite is true, and at Vegi Tales we’d love to show you how!

By choosing the right diet and lifestyle, you will also notice improved mental clarity, increased energy and stamina, emotional balance and spiritual connection, beautiful skin and hair.

True to the motto “eat right, shine bright”, ingredients from our menus are organic and seasonally selected from local farms and markets, as much as possible. The dishes and drinks we prepare come with a guarantee for you to thrive!

The Balearic Islands offer the perfect environment for our project. Not only are the islands full of stunning nature, magnificent wild beauty and wonders, but also come with their very own blend of herbs, spices and flavours, therefore making it a culinary heaven for those that seek.

Our aim is to offer you an unforgettable experience, incorporating the freshest, most healthy foods in our menus to make sure you keep your batteries charged and live your Mediterranean moments to the fullest.

We’re looking forward for you to join us on a path towards more harmony, better health and lots of delicious food!

Monica & Roody