Vegi Tales Ibiza is ready to get creative and design custom-tailored, healthy menus in compliance with your needs and desires.

We offer catering for events, birthdays, weddings, private dinner gatherings and more.

We endeavour to ensure the finest quality and service and present to our clients a selection of plant based savoury and sweet specialities, gourmet vegan cuisine and a variety of slow and cold-pressed juices.


Time is more valuable when you spend it doing what you do best. 

Our Delivery Menu lets you choose from a fine selection of energizing and vitalizing dishes, freshly delivered to your home or workplace, with options for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Service available for a minimum of 8 guests.

Private chef

Vegi Tales is offering private chef services for yoga and meditation retreats, private households, and generally clients with an open mind about plant-based cuisine. 

Our menus are focused on gourmet specialties aimed to open new horizons. We design each menu according to guests needs and we are working with a qualified nutritionist when required.