Vegi Tales Kitchen – Eat Right, Shine Bright (E-Book)

January 7, 2019 | By


Vegi Tales kitchen is a 100% plant-based kitchen using healthy cooking methods and high quality ingredients in order to serve nourishing and flavorful dishes on the dining table. The end result is clean, simple and yet loaded with flavors and textures.

Most of the recipes featured in this book were prepared at a variety of wellness retreats in Ibiza/ Balearic Islands, Spain. Some dishes have been changed and improved over time, adding more ingredients and elements to increase and balance flavors or to add an extra dimension to the plate.

This book hopes to change people’s vision about plant-based cuisine and inspire readers to get more creative in the kitchen!



About the author:

Monica is a passionate private chef specialised in plant-based cuisine and a graduate from T.Colin
Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell (Plant-Based Nutrition Course, certified
in February 2017).

She is the co-founder of Ibiza Vegan ( and founder of Vegi Tales.
Her experience of organising workshops and working in a great variety of wellness and meditation retreats in Ibiza over the last few years has inspired her towards writing her very own cook book – „VegiTales Kitchen“ features some of Monica’s favourite dishes and personal highlights, a collection associated with many wonderful memories.

Monica has a particular affection for raw foods, especially raw-vegan desserts, and loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.